Textile insulation and insulating sleeves

Textile insulation and insulating sleeves

RBS Textile insulation and insulation sleeves made of high temperature resistant fabrics are used in various industries mainly for 2 main reasons:

  • Increase the energy efficiency in areas where can not be insulated with other materials
  • When contact protection to increase occupational safety

Whether in the Pipeline construction, For Large and small engine production or in the Gas treatment, RBS technical assemblies stand for many years of service life and can be replaced if necessary with innovative lashing and clamping systems without great effort. 

For these products we use the same tried and tested materials as for our expansion joints or bellows and extend these Zips, hook fasteners or Velcro fasteners to allow quick and easy installation.

We have these materials in stock by default:


suitable for temperatures up to 70 ° C, is often used as dust protection

Glass fiber fabrics

either with double-sided PU or silicone coating is suitable for a temperature range of 250 - 550 ° C.


with aluminum coating suitable for temperatures up to 350 ° C, has a high tensile strength

Silicate fiber fabric

with aluminum coating or vermiculite coating for temperatures up to about 1000 ° C, is often used in steel mills and foundries due to the temperature resistance

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