High temperature adhesives & silicones (Silplast)

High temperature silicone and high temperature adhesive

KS Silplast ® products HT320 (High temperature silicone) and BK 1300 (High-temperature adhesive) for use in high temperature are specially developed (silicone) adhesives that fully develop their adhesive power even under the harshest temperature conditions. Used in industries such as furnace construction, technical fire protection, air and waste gas purification, etc., the products are manufactured and filled to the strictest quality standards.

application temperatures

  • KS Silplast ® HT320 Products can be up to max. 350 ° C are used, with a continuous use temperature of 320 ° C should not be exceeded. HT320 has an M-2 classification according to the UNE-23-727-90 standard.
  • KS Silplast® BK1300 Products can be up to max. 1500 ° C are used, with a continuous use temperature of 1300 ° C should not be exceeded. BK1300 is not flammable according to A1 classification.

container sizes

Available in flexible containers according to your wishes:

  • 25KG bucket
  • 400ml aluminum bag
  • 310ml cartridge
  • 90ml tube
  • 20ml tube

Colors white or black. Special colors and other container sizes available on request.

General processing instruction:

The surfaces must be dry and clean. It is advantageous to sand the surface of the splices before applying the adhesive. In case of a painting, allow the glue to dry well first. Cleaning is done by warm water.

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