RBS insulated bolster

RBS insulated bolster Additional layers in the flow channel are used to increase the temperature resistance (up to 1000 ° C) of fabric compensators. It serves as the outer layer always the fabric expansion itself and the Isolierbolster is installed as an additional inner layer in the flow channel.

For these products, we use the same tried and tested materials as our expansion joints or bellows, expanding them to inner layers made of mineral fiber or higher temperature resistant Fiber mats, depending on the specific application.

We have these materials in stock by default:

Glass fiber fabrics

either with double-sided PU or silicone coating is suitable for a temperature range of 250 - 550 ° C.

Silicate fiber fabric

with aluminum coating or vermiculite coating for temperatures up to about 1000 ° C, is often used in steel mills and foundries due to the temperature resistance.

Ceramic fiber fabric

with metal reinforcement (INCONEL wire) suitable for temperatures up to approx. 1260 ° C, has a high tensile strength.

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