High temperature fabrics and textiles     

High temperature fabrics and textiles

RBS high temperature fabrics and textiles are woven in Europe and rank among the highest quality fabrics. Renowned fiber manufacturers stand for consistently high-quality raw materials. RBS high temperature resistant fabrics and textiles are used in various industries and products such as personal protective equipment (PPE), steel and iron foundry, electrical insulation, automotive etc. and of course in our own manufacturing for RBS Tissue Compensators or RBS textile garments.


Materials / application temperatures

  • Meta-aramid fabric up to approx. 220 ° C KFT *
  • Para-aramid fabric up to approx. 380 ° C KFT *
  • Preox fiber fabric up to approx. 475 ° C KFT *
  • Fiberglass fabric up to approx. 550 ° C KFT *
  • Glass fiber fabric with V4A reinforcement up to approx. 600 ° C KFT *
  • HT glass fiber fabric up to 750 ° C KFT *
  • Silicate fiber fabric up to approx. 1000 ° C KFT *
  • Ceramic fiber fabric up to 1260 ° C KFT *
  • Etc.

* KFT for classification temperature.


Coatings and equipment

All fabrics can be offered with various coatings or equipment:

  • silicone
  • vermiculite
  • PTFE
  • graphite
  • polyurethane
  • div. HT (high temperature) equipments
  • Cut Resistant Equipment
  • Self-adhesive coating
  • preshrunk
  • Etc.

Depending on customer requirements, different fabric thicknesses can be produced using various weave patterns and thicknesses of warp and weft. In addition to the roll goods, we also offer ready-made products such as Fabric expansion joints or Bellows on.

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