Rubber expansion joints

Rubber expansion joints

Compensators are generally speaking "elastic" components which are suitable for absorbing pipe expansion and vibrations (eg due to heat, etc.) or for mounting compensation of system components. The design is determined decisively by the pumped medium, pressure, temperature, size and direction of the absorbed strain.

Rubber expansion joints made of vulcanized rubber coatings, which are selected depending on the medium and the desired resistance, are mostly used with liquid medium and high pressure. For the pressure and temperature resistance different support inserts are available such as nylon cord, aramid cord and steel cord. Rubber expansion joints are characterized by high flexibility in the axial, lateral and angular direction, as well as high expansion absorption with extremely short overall lengths. In addition to the expansion, they also have an excellent sound and vibration-reducing effect.

RBS rubber compensators are manufactured according to the highest quality criteria for your specific application. This ensures a longevity with guaranteed tightness at the same time. Of course, we also offer all the necessary accessories such as blind flanges, backing strips, screw connections, etc.

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