Fabric expansion joints

Compensators are generally speaking "elastic" components which are suitable for absorbing pipe expansion and vibrations (eg due to heat, etc.) or for mounting compensation of system components. The design is determined decisively by the pumped medium, pressure, temperature, size and direction of the absorbed strain. 

Fabric Expansion or Fabric expansion joints are here made of technical fabrics or elastomers line and channel components. They are used both for the compensation of mechanical misalignment and for noise and vibration reduction. The soft material is either mounted on a steel frame or - with low load - with straps connected to the pipeline. Depending on the application, soft material compensators are manufactured in single-layer or multi-layer design. Due to the multi-layer structure different functions, such. As insulation, tightness, pressure surge behavior, etc. can be combined according to the specific requirements. Compared to metal compensators, soft compensators are characterized by low weight and low reaction forces. Therefore, tissue compensators are particularly suitable for large dimensions at low operating pressures and gaseous media (air, exhaust gas, flue gas). 

We manufacture according to your requirements and special circumstances RBS Tissue Compensators and form of fabric expansion joints. for a wide variety of applications. The choice of material depends first on the tightness requirement and is determined by the resistance to medium, temperature and mechanical strength.

Depending on the temperature and type of medium, different basic designs of the fabric compensator are used. Thus, permanent temperatures of up to 1000 ° C can be controlled.

For the layer structure materials are made of different fabrics (polyester, aramid, glass, high temperature glass, silicate glass, wire reinforced fabrics) including coatings (neoprene, hypalon, EPDM, silicone, fluororubber, PTFE) and mats (insulation layers) and films (Neoprene, Hypalon, EPDM , Silicone, fluororubber, PTFE, aluminum, stainless steel).

In terms of shape, round, square and rectangular as well as mixed shapes from round to square are possible. In terms of length, the largest compensators ever made were 40m as an open belt compensator.  

Of course, we also offer all the necessary accessories such as locking accessories, adhesive, Isolierbolster, clamps, blind flanges, backing strips, adhesive, etc.

download installation and closing instructions RBS Tissue Compensator Bandform.

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