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RBS Kompensator GmbH

RBS Kompensator GmbH was found in 2009 as a sister company of KS Kneissl & Senn Technologie GmbH based on multiple customer requests RBS Kompensator GmbH as a 100% sister of KS Kneissl & Senn Technology GmbH founded.

Based on the existing know how about temperature resistant high performance fabric we started to produce them in the form of fabric expansion joints. Handmade in Erl piece for piece. Gradually, various sewing and welding machines were purchased in order to produce all common forms of expansion joints (round / angular / round on angular etc.) as best as possible.

In addition to ongoing investments in the machinery, attention was also paid to continuous training and further education of the production staff. Likewise, a quick-witted and customer-oriented office and field service was installed.

Today we are pleased that we are able to meet almost all customer wishes in the shortest possible time.

Send us your request and we'll take care of it immediately!



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Since the beginning of 2013 is RBS Kompensator GmbH eine 100% Tochter der Senn Beteiligungs GmbH. Neben der RBS Kompensator GmbH is located at the location in Erl also the 100% sister KS Kneissl & Senn Technology GmbH, Additional storage and office space was added in 2014 in St.Michael in Styria and in 2017 in Nuremberg, Bavaria. Since 1.12.2017 belongs also the Gasser - trade with foundry and steelworks GesmbH as a further 100% sister to the company network.


In our corporate network KS Kneissl & Senn Technology GmbH, RBS Kompensator GmbH and Gasser - trade with foundry and steelworks GesmbH We do not try to think in drawers, departments or other barriers. According to our motto "VIRIBUS UNITIS - united forces", we always try to follow a holistic approach. It also looks outside the box and works with partly unconventional approaches to your perfect solution.


TEAM & opening times


A team of highly motivated employees is looking forward to welcoming you as a customer of RBS Kompensator GmbH. According to our motto "Viribus Unitis!" We try to provide you with the best possible service with a balanced mix of technical and business expertise. Above all, you can count on our flexibility and creativity. 

The contact options for the individual locations can be found HERE.

If you also want to be part of the team of KS Kneissl & Senn Technology GmbH, just take a look at JOBS for an open position or send us an unsolicited application.


You can reach our team personally from Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00. On Fridays you can reach us from 08:00 - 14:30. Outside opening hours, please send us an email. 


quality standards



In order to meet the highest quality standards, we at RBS Kompensator GmbH pay close attention to systematic process and product control and ongoing process and product improvement.

Therefore, it was a special concern for us to be one of the first companies in Tyrol to meet the new ISO standard revision 9001: 2015. Since March 17, 2016, our company is certified according to this. 

The current certificate can be found here download.

In addition to process conformity, another focus is on the prevention of accidents and the ongoing increase in occupational safety. A continuous one Cooperation with the AUVA ensures this.